Fish Burritos

Fish Burritos

12″ Whole wheat tortilla


[How to order]

Let’s get your Fish Burrito in 3 steps!

* price of Fish Burrito = the price of the fish you choose in Step 2.


[section title=’Step 1′] You choose Burrito.

fish burrito [/section]

[section title=’Step 2′] And, you can choose one of the fish.

  • Tuna$9.25
  • Snapper(B.C)$9.25
  • Catfish$9.25
  • Calamari$9.75
  • Haddock$9.75
  • Grouper$9.75
  • Tilapia$9.75
  • Salmon$9.75
  • RainbowTrout$9.75
  • Arctic Char$10.75
  • Pickerel$10.75
  • Wild-Salmon$11.75
  • Shrimp$11.75
  • Halibut$12.75
  • Seabass$12.75
  • Dry-Scallop$13.75
  • Black-Cod$13.75

Some fish subject to availability depending on season. Please look on store’s ice display for today’s availability.

[section title=’Step 3′] Now, you get the Fish Burrito with the fish you chose.

fish burrito [/section]



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