What I ate for lunch: The Fish Store

Regulars at The Fish Store & Sandwiches know that good food takes time. It can take up to 10 minutes during the lunch rush to get a grilled fish sandwich in the College St. shop. “Customers have learned to be patient, because they know the effort my mother puts into cooking,” says Sarah Hwang, daughter of the owners.
The made-to-order sandwiches are worth the wait, thanks to pristine fish — 15 types are also sold raw, by weight, to cook at home — and garlicky Italian vinaigrette. Black cod ($9.95) is sweetly fresh, crisp from griddling on a large cooktop and simply seasoned with salt.
It tastes refreshingly of itself…

Best Sandwiches

You’ll never bring a packed lunch again
The Fish Store & SandwichesIn this sliver of a shop, sandwiches are made from ultra-fresh fish housed in an iced display case.Customers choose from wild salmon, halibut fillets, yellowfin, black cod, lobster, scallops and soft-shellcrab.

After you place your order, the fish is grilled, topped with a tangy vinaigrette and a sheaf of lettuceand served in a fresh roll from the neighbouring Golden Wheat bakery. Piscine perfection. $5.99–$11.90.657 College St., 416-533-2822.

The Fish Store … if I lived in Toronto I’d be a regular

Searching (researching in advance) for off-the-beaten-path places to eat while in Toronto for the long (USA Memorial Day) weekend I came across a recent Toronto Star review for The Fish Store, on College St. in Little Italy.
Exploring College St. and Little Italy yesterday I stopped at the postage stamp-sized restaurant for a fish sandwich … and after having a wonderful sandwich I said to myself, “If I lived in Toronto again I’d become a regular at this place!”
The sandwich of the day was tilapia, but I’m no big fan of that fish … so I looked over the dozen or so filets of fresh fish in the refrigerated case inside the ‘wall of glass doors’ of the restaurant and selected a ‘caught in the wild’ salmon. 5 minutes later my sandwich arrived at the small table I’d chosen situated on the small patio … a sight to behold! …

Some of the freshest takeout seafood in town

WHERE: The Fish Store, 657 College, at Grace, 416-533-2822

: This nautically themed noshery on the College strip offers some of the freshest takeout seafood in town, whether in wraps, salads or chowders. Grab a bite and a seat on the small curbside terrace and take in the passing parade.

WHAT: A quarter-pound of grilled Pacific salmon – the ethical variety – slathered with secret-recipe garlicky chili pesto on a Portuguese paposecos bun from Golden Wheat Bakery, garnished with tomato, red onion and romaine.