The Fish Store … if I lived in Toronto I’d be a regular

chowhound_logo2Searching (researching in advance) for off-the-beaten-path places to eat while in Toronto for the long (USA Memorial Day) weekend I came across a recent Toronto Star review for The Fish Store, on College St. in Little Italy. Exploring College St. and Little Italy yesterday I stopped at the postage stamp-sized restaurant for a fish sandwich … and after having a wonderful sandwich I said to myself, “If I lived in Toronto again I’d become a regular at this place!”

The sandwich of the day was tilapia, but I’m no big fan of that fish … so I looked over the dozen or so filets of fresh fish in the refrigerated case inside the ‘wall of glass doors’ of the restaurant and selected a ‘caught in the wild’ salmon. 5 minutes later my sandwich arrived at the small table I’d chosen situated on the small patio … a sight to behold!  …